Get Your Perfect Facelift in Cleveland, Ohio

Are you thinking about getting a face lift here in Cleveland? Face lift surgery, also known as a rhytidectomy can be a great way to stall the aging process and take years off of your appearance. Here are the basics, including what the procedure involves, how it will help and how much money you can expect to spend.

The Different Kinds of Face Lifts

A standard face lift is a surgery designed to correct signs of aging on the face, including deep lines, jowls, loose skin, and wrinkles. The procedure is done over the course of one visit and takes two to three hours from start to finish. Recovery time is fairly short and you should be back to work in two weeks – the results are very long-lasting.

Here are Some Variations:

• The mid face lift corrects hollow upper cheeks, prominent nasal folds and bags under the eyes.

• The lower face lift improves the look of the neck and may be done in conjunction with a neck lift.

• The mini face lift is designed for people with slight sagging around the jawline, neck and cheeks.

• The thread face lift is a less invasive procedure designed for people with just the barest signs of aging such as minor sagging of the skin.

How Much Surgery Costs

The cost of rhytidectomy in Cleveland will average between $6,000 and $25,000. This includes the surgeon’s fee, along with others including fees for the anaesthesiologist, facility and hospital as well as aftercare. The type of face lift is also an important concern since a partial lift may be significantly less expensive than a full face lift while a neck lift can add $4,000 to $7,500 to the price.

A mid face lift or a lower face lift on average costs about $7,000 but may range between $4,000 and $10,000. A mini face lift on average costs about $5,000 but may range between $3,500 and $6,500. A thread lift face lift on average costs about $4,000, but may range between $2,000 and $6000.

Other procedures that can be priced separately and drive up the price include brow lift surgery, eyelid surgery, facial liposuction, and microdermabrasion.

Standard Face Lift Procedure

In a standard face lift procedure, first the patient is given anaesthesia. Then an incision is made on either side of the face. It begins at the lower hairline, curves around the ear and ends in the hairline around the temples. Fatty tissue is manipulated or sculpted, the tissue is repositioned and the muscles are lifted. Next the skin is smoothed out over the new contours and the excess skin is trimmed off. Finally the surgeon uses adhesive or stitches the incisions closed.

Mid Face Lift Procedure

In this type of face lift, the surgeon makes a small cut in the lower lash line or at the temples behind the hairline and then adjusts the muscle and tissue and uses an endoscope to see what he or she is doing beneath the skin. Once the face has been sufficiently manipulated, the cuts are sutured and healing can begin. This type of face lift is less invasive and has a shorter healing time.

Lower Face Lift Procedure

A cut may be made in front, down and behind the ear or endoscopes may be inserted into a small incision. If a neck lift is being performed, a small cut will be made under the chin. Then the surgeon separates the skin from the tissue, tightens the muscles, removes excess fat and smooths the skin. Then the extra skin is snipped off and sutures the incisions.

Mini Face Lift Procedure

With this surgery, a few small cuts are made around the area being treated. Sometimes an endoscope is used, sometimes it is not. Once the surgeon has access, he or she removes excess fat and reshapes the muscles before sewing up the incisions.

Thread Face Lift Procedure

Often this procedure does not require anaesthesia. The surgeon inserts small threads into the face through tiny cuts around the targeted area. Then the thread is manipulated to create the desired effect and knotted to secure it. Scarring is very minimal and the patient can approve the work while it is being done.

The main benefit of surgery is a more youthful appearance since it addresses many issues including sagging, creases, displaced fat, lost muscle tone, loose skin, and excess fat deposits. Of course as a restorative surgery, it cannot change your basic appearance and will not stop the process of aging, but surgery can result in a more youthful appearance, which may be just what you want.

To learn more about facelifts in Cleveland Ohio and how we may be able to help you, please call today for your free initial consultation.